Historic Tax Credits



Renovating a historic property Arkansas has never been more lucrative.  With the 20% federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit and the state 25% Historic Tax Credit, developers and home owners can make improvements to their properties or develop entire complexes with added benefits.

The federal Historic Tax Credit was created in 1976.  It has generated more than $84 billion in economic development across the country.  This Historic Tax Credit is for income-producing properties.  These properties include apartment complexes, office buildings, commercial properties, institutional buildings, and industrial sites.  Historic Tax Credits can be taken on 20% of the approved expenditures.  This includes hundreds of properties in Arkansas that are listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

The Arkansas Historic Tax Credit program. created in 2009, offer a 25% credit on the rehabilitation of historic properties.  This program is meant to supplement the federal program, plus gives added incentives to home owners. The cap per project on the amount that can be claimed is $400,000 on income-producing properties. The cap for private residences on the Historic Tax Credits under the Arkansas program is $25,000.

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